The rapid pace of development in contact lens technology over the past 10 years has made lenses a genuinely viable alternative to spectacles for the vast majority of people.
Some people like to wear lenses occasionally - for example, when playing sports or on special occasions - whereas for others they are a way of life.
Whatever your needs, we can provide the lens and package most convenient for you. We don't believe in pressuring people to commit to minimum orders, or contracts. If you wish to buy as to and when you require your next supply, that can be arranged.
We fit all of the leading brands of contact lenses and during your consultation, our optician will ascertain which type of lenses would be best suited to your daily requirements, your working environment and your lifestyle (e.g. any hobbies or sports that you may be involved in).
We understand that using contact lens may be a daunting prospect so our consultation involves training on how to safely use them.
If you need any further information please feel free to pop in or give us a call.
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